Dog Who’s Always Welcome: Assistance and Therapy Dog Trainers Teach You How to Socialize and Train Your Companion Dog
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Dog Who’s Always Welcome: Assistance and Therapy Dog Trainers Teach You How to Socialize and Train Your Companion Dog

Assistance and Therapy Dog Trainers Teach You How to Socialize and Train Your Companion Dog
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Lorie Long
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Today's dog owners want well-behaved, take-anywhere canine companions
Increasingly, owners take their dogs everywhere and expect them to behave in all kinds of social situations. This book shares the proven methods of assistance and therapy dog trainers; after all, assistance dogs are models of doggy decorum. Complete with instructive photos, this guide emphasizes socialization and espouses dog-friendly, reward-based techniques. The training creates a reliable, owner-focused dog and an owner who can read his pet and proactively prevent problems. The result? A reliable canine companion who is welcome anywhere.
Lorie Long (Roanoke, VA) has trained dogs for more than 25 years. She has written extensively for The Whole Dog Journal and other publications and is the author of The Siberian Husky (978-0-7938-3647-5).
Introduction. Chapter 1The Quiet Experts. Defining the Terms. Robbie and Jane. Chapter 2 Hallmarks of a Dog Who's Always Welcome. ADI's Minimum Standards for Assistance Dogs in Public. What an Assistance Dog Is. What an Assistance Dog Is Not. Assistance Dog Trainers. Chapter 3 From Domestication to Behavior Modification to Socialization. Domestication: We Find the Key. Behavior Modification: We Start to Open the Window. Socialization: We Open Wide the Window. Chapter 4 The Right Dog for the Right Role. Other Trainers Weigh In. Choosing Chase. What Role Will Your Dog Play? Tess. Chapter 5 Evaluating the Dog You Have. Looking at Your Dog Realistically. Look Before You Leap. What We Can Learn from Evaluating Therapy Dogs. Volhard Canine Personality Profile(c). Dash and Chase. Chapter 6 Communicating Across Species. The Role of Stress. The Language Barrier Becomes the Language Bridge. Assistance Dog Trainers Talk Dog. Speaking Canine in Obedience Class. Chapter 7 Creating a Managed, Positive-Outcome Socialization Program. Getting It Right. What Socialization Is. What Socialization Isn't. The Rule of Seven. Fear Periods. Canine Generalization. The SOAPs. Early Socialization. Beginning Socialization at Home. Advanced Socialization on the Road. Adult Dog-on-Dog Socialization. It's Only Natural. Chapter 8 Creating a Relationship-Based Behavior and Skills Training Program. Playing with Tug Toys as a Training Tool. Um, Should I Take That as a Yes or a No? The Positive Basics. Beyond Sit and Stay. Therapy Dog Handlers Test the Waters (and Find Themselves in the Deep and of the Pool). Training Tips from the Pros. Chapter 9 Evaluating Socialization Opportunities. Puppy Kindergarten Group Classes. Obedience Training Group Classes. Off-Leash Dog Parks and Play Centers. Doggie Daycare. Therapy Dog Training Classes. American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Program. Everyday Life in Small Doses. Chapter 10 Developing the Deep Relationship. Canine Emotions: Where It All Begins. I'll Know It When I See It. The Philosophers. Afterword. The Truth About Unconditional Canine Love. Appendix. Meet the Trainers. About the Author. Index.