Oracle Application Server 10"g": J2ee Deployment and Administration

J2EE Deployment Administration
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Mulder Erin,Wessler Michael A.,Harrop Rob
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This book is based on the very latest version of Oracle's fully J2EE-certified Application Server (previously called Oracle9iAS). Oracle Corp. is aggressively attacking this market with a new lost-cost version of the server and a program to move BEA customers onto Oracle free of charge (see Adoption interest is growing rapidly amidst favorable reports regarding performance and reliability.Deploying J2EE applications and configuring the application server are known to be the most tricky and non-standard elements of J2EE development, and thus they receive scant attention in general J2EE texts. This book provides a focused, no-frills guide to getting J2EE applications up and running on 10G. It covers Oracle's J2EE container, OC4J (available for free for development purposes), in full detail and then moves on to explain how to configure and use the various enterprise-level features that come with the commercial editions. TOC:Part 1 Getting Started with Oracle 9iAS: Overview of Features, Versions, Releases; Strategies for Development, Test, & Production Environments.- Part 2 Configuring the Standalone OC4J: Installing and Running OC4J Standalone; General Server Configuration; Configuring Data Sources; Configuring JMS; Configuring Security; Configuring Other Services.- Part 3 Configuring and Deploying J2EE Applications: Deploying J2EE Applications; Configuring Web Applications; Configuring EJBs; Configuring Connectors; Configuring Web Services; Configuring Client Applications.- Part 4 Migrating to the Full Oracle 9iAS Versions; Installation & Operation; Configuring J2EE Services; Deploying Applications; Configuring Web Caching; Configuring Enterprise Security; Configuring Clustering and Failover.- Appendixes: Appendix A: DTDs for Configuration Files; Appendix B: DTDs for Server-specific Deployment Descriptors; Appendix C: Command Line Tools; Appendix D: Debugging, Profiling and Troubleshooting.