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Handbook of Machine and Computer Vision

The Guide for Developers and Users
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The second edition of this accepted reference work has been updated to reflect the rapid developments in the field and now covers both 2D and 3D imaging.
Written by expert practitioners from leading companies operating in machine vision, this one-stop handbook guides readers through all aspects of image acquisition and image processing, including optics, electronics and software. The authors approach the subject in terms of industrial applications, elucidating such topics as illumination and camera calibration. Initial chapters concentrate on the latest hardware aspects, ranging from lenses and camera systems to camera-computer interfaces, with the software necessary discussed to an equal depth in later sections. These include digital image basics as well as image analysis and image processing. The book concludes with extended coverage of industrial applications in optics and electronics, backed by case studies and design strategies for the conception of complete machine vision systems. As a result, readers are not only able to understand the latest systems, but also to plan and evaluate this technology.
With more than 500 images and tables to illustrate relevant principles and steps.
Editiert von: Alexander Hornberg
The editor, Alexander Hornberg, worked as development and software engineer in industry. Since 1997 he has been working in the field of machine vision in an academic environment. He is Professor for Image Processing and Applied Optics at the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen, Germany.All contributors to this work are written by practitioners from leading companies which operate in the field of computer vision.
Autor: Alexander Hornberg
ISBN-13 :: 9783527413393
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