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Electromagnetic Phenomena in Matter

Statistical and Quantum Approaches
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IntroductionChapter 1. Equations for static electric and magnetic fields in matter
1.1. Averaging of microscopic Maxwell equations. Vectors of electromagnetic fields in matter
1.2. Electrostatic and magnetostatic equations in matter
1.3. Polarisation of matter in a constant field
1.4. Answers and solutions
Chapter 2. Electrostatic theory of conductors and dielectrics
2.1. Basic concepts and methods of electrostatics
2.2. Special methods of electrostatics
2.3 Energy, forces and thermodynamics of conductors and dielectrics
2.4. Answers and solutions
Chapter 3. Steady currents and magnetic field in media
3.1 Steady currents
3.2. Magnetostatics in media
3.3. Energy, forces and thermodynamics of magnetic media
3.4. Ferromagnetics
3.5. Electrodynamics of superconductors
3.7. Answers and solutions
Chapter 4. Quasi-stationary electromagnetic fields
4.1. Quasi-stationary phenomena in linear conductors
4.2. Eddy currents and skin effect
4.3. Magnetic hydrodynamics
4.4. Answers and solutions
Chapter 5. Equations for electromagnetic field in dispersive media
5.1. Polarization of matter in a non-stationary and inhomogeneous field. Tensor of complex dielectric permeability
5.2. Causality and dispersion relations
5.3. Energy of electromagnetic field in media
5.4. Oscillations in media
5.5. Electrodynamics of moving bodies
5.6. Answers and solutions
Chapter 6. Propagation of electromagnetic waves in media
6.1. Plane waves in isotropic media. Reflection and refraction of waves
6.2. Plane waves in anisotropic and gyrotropic media
6.3. Scattering of electromagnetic waves by macroscopic bodies. Diffraction of waves
6.4. Diffraction of X-rays and gamma quanta in crystals
6.5. Answers and solutions
Chapter 7. Coherent and non-linear optics
7.1. Coherence and interference
7.2. Waves in non-linear media
7.3. Waves in active media
7.4. Waves in stochastic media
7.5. Answers and solutions
Chapter 8. Electromagnetic oscillations in restricted bodies
8.1. Guides of waves and long transmission lines
8.2. Cavity resonators
8.3. Lasers and guides of light
8.4. Answers and solutions
Chapter 9. Interaction of charged particles with equilibrium and non-equilibrium media
9.1. Fast particles in medium. Scattering and radiation
9.2. Cherenkov effect and related phenomena
9.3. Transition scattering and radiation
9.4. Channeling and emission of particles in crystals
9.5. Acceleration of particles in turbulent plasma media
9.6. Answers and solutions
Appendix. Elements of stochastic field theory. Correlation tensors
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Dieses Lehrbuch beschreibt die elektromagnetischen Phänomene in verschiedenen Medien, von theoretischen Ansätzen bis hin zu modernen Verfahren und Anwendungen in der Physik und Astrophysik, im Bereich Elektromagnetismus, in der Elektronik, bei künstlichen Materialien, im Bereich Laser und Optik usw.
Autor: Igor N. Toptygin
Igor N.Toptygin is Professor at the Theoretical Physics Department in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Russia. He received his academic degrees in the field of physics and mathematics in 1964 (PhD) and 1974 (habilitation). He is an expert in theoretical physics and theoretical astrophysics. He is a member of the Scientific Council on Complex Problem of Cosmic Rays of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and a corresponding member of the International Academy of Sciences for High Education. He has been engaged for many years in theoretical studies of quantum paramagnetic amplifiers, acceleration of cosmic rays, and radiation of relativistic particles in plasmas.
Autor: Igor N. Toptygin
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