Autor: Vladimir L. Safonov
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Nonequilibrium Magnons

Theory, Experiment, and Applications
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Harmonic Oscillator and Universal Language of Science
This much-needed book addresses the concepts, models, experiments and applications of magnons and spin wave in magnetic devices. It fills the gap in the current literature by providing the theoretical and technological framework needed to develop innovative magnetic devices, such as recording devices and sensors. Starting with a historical review of developments in the magnon concept, and including original experimental results, the author presents methods of magnon excitation, and several basic models to describe magnon gas. He includes experiments on Bose-Einstein condensation of non-equilibrium magnons, as well as various applications of a magnon approach.
Autor: Vladimir L. Safonov
Dr. Vladimir L Safonov, a world level expert on magnetic dynamics, is Chief Scientist at Mag & Bio Dynamics. He graduated from famous Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and obtained his Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees from the Russian Research Center "Kurchatov Institute". He has collaborated with research groups in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Japan and U.S.A. Dr. Safonov has authored over 110 scientific publications and patents and has received many awards, including the Kurchatov Prize. He is a Senior member of IEEE and a member of the American Physical Society.
Autor: Vladimir L. Safonov
ISBN-13 :: 9783527411177
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