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Single-photon Devices and Applications

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Single Photon Generation from a 2level quantum emitter in a cavity
Coherent photon emission from a 3level lambda system in a cavity
Effects of Decoherence
Experimental Techniques
Atomlike systems in solids useful for singlephoton generation
Survey of microcavity geometries
Over the past ten years, on-demand single photon generation has been realized in numerous physical systems including neutral atoms, ions, molecules, semiconductor quantum dots, impurities and defects in solids, and superconductor circuits. The motivations for generation and detection of single photons are two-fold: basic and applied science. On the one hand, a single photon plays a central role in the experimental foundation of quantum mechanics and measurement theory. On the other hand, an efficient and high-quality single-photon source is needed to implement quantum key distribution, quantum repeaters and photonic quantum information processing.

Written by top authors from academia and industry, this is the only textbook focused on single-photon devices and thus fills the gap for a readily accessible update on the rapid progress in the field.
Autor: Charles Santori, David Fattal, Yoshihisa Yamamoto
Charles Santori, after having earned his degrees and resarch experience at Stanford, Tokyo University and MIT, joined the Hewlett-Packard Labs to be tasked with the high gain, high risk research on quantum computing.Numerous papers and awards prove his standing.
David Fattal has received his higher degrees at the Ecole Polytechnique in France and at Stanford. Then he joined HP to perform research on various aspects of quantum information and nanophotonics.
Professor Yoshihisa Yamamoto has performed his research at Tokyo University, MIT, Stanford and other prestigious institutions before he became professor at Stanford.
He teaches various courses on quantum optics and has published more than 350 papers and two books.
Autor: Charles Santori
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