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Modern Methods in Crop Protection Research

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Editiert von: Peter Jeschke, Wolfgang Krämer, Ulrich Schirmer, Matthias Witschel
Peter Jeschke gained his PhD in organic chemistry at the University of Halle/Wittenberg (Germany), after which he moved to Fahlberg-List Company (Germany) to pursue agrochemical research before going to the Institute of Neurobiology and Brain Research, German Academy of Sciences. In 1989 he joined Bayer as lab leader in animal health research and eight years later he took a position at the Bayer Crop Protection Business Group, where he is currently Head of Research Pest Control Chemistry 2. Since 2011, he is honorary professor at the University of Düsseldorf (Germany). Prof. Dr. Jeschke has more than 180 patent applications and scientific publications to his name.
Autor: Peter Jeschke
ISBN-13 :: 9783527331758
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Gewicht: 990g
Seiten: 420
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