Autor: Rainer Schwing
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Handbook of Systemic Psychotherapy

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systemic methods and their practical application
basic systemic tenets and theoretical concepts
This book provides people who want to work systemically with a set of practical tools. It is above all a reference book full of specific and helpful information - which is especially important to persons learning the trade or who are in their first year of practice. The authors, experienced in training, consultation, therapy and supervising, take the reader step by step through the various phases of systemic work: observation, understanding, recording of information, clarification, forming hypothesis, defining aims, planning and application.
Autor: Rainer Schwing, Andreas Fryszer
Andreas Fryszer, Diplom-Psychologe, Psychologischer Psychotherapeut und Kinder- und Jugendlichenpsychotherapeut, ist freiberuflich als Trainer, Supervisor, Organisationsberater und Coach tätig.
Systemic methods can be learned. Precondition is a structured approach, variety of methodological knowledge and theoretical basics - Schwing and Fryszer offer such a "tool kit" supplemented with their practical experiences.
Autor: Rainer Schwing
ISBN-13 :: 9783525404539
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