Selected Word Fields for English and American Studies

Books, Literature, Reading & Writing, Plays, Theatre & the Stage, Press & Journalism, Television & Radio, Film, Cinema & Photography
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Stephan Gabel
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Selected Word Fields for English & American Studies is intended for German advanced learners of English who want to expand and develop their vocabulary skills. Focussing on word fields which are relevant to literary, film and media studies, it tries to bridge the gap between the lexical content of general language courses and the more specific communicative needs of courses and lectures in these branches of English and American Studies.Designed as a book for quick reference, vocabulary practice and awareness-raising activities, it can be used either for self-study or as material for the classroom. A word list covering the word fields Books & Literature, Theatre & the Stage, Press & Journalism, Television & Radio and Film & Photography offers an overview of the most important collocations of the headwords and provides definitions, pronunciations, German translations, etc. This list is supplemented by various practice materials ranging from rather traditional fill in and translation exercises, for instance, to language awareness tasks and texts for classroom discussion. In addition a selection of topics which are of general interest is presented. Among other things these include problems of German-English translation, which are illustrated by means of bilingual concordances and detailed descriptions of the underlying phenomena.The keys to all the exercises and texts can be found on the CD-ROM, which also offers a number of additional materials such as an electronic version of the word list for advanced queries (e.g. searches for German words).