Autor: Dagmar Brunow
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Remediating Transcultural Memory

23, Media and Cultural Memory / Medien und kulturelle Erinnerung
Documentary Filmmaking as Archival Intervention
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The impact of digital global media, geopolitical changes and migration demands new theorizations within memory studies. Despite the growing field of media memory studies, the impact from film and media studies has been scarce within memory studies. This unique study offers new theorizations of three crucial concepts for media memory studies: remediation, transculturality and the archive. This book takes a closer look at the media specificity of archival footage and how it is adapted, translated and appropriated. In its original approach this work reflects upon the role of documentary film images for the construction of memory. By merging film and media studies with memory studies the work offers multiple theoretical and methodological approaches for everyone interested in the heritage of audiovisual media: film and media scholars, memory scholars, historians, art historians, social scientists, librarians or archivists, curators and festival programmers alike.
Autor: Dagmar Brunow
Dagmar Brunow, Linnéuniversitet,Växjö, Sweden.
Autor: Dagmar Brunow
ISBN-13 :: 9783110437621
ISBN: 3110437627
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Gewicht: 514g
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