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The Art of Dreams

4, Paradigms
Reflections and Representations
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We all dream; we all share these strange experiences that infuse our nights. But we only know of those nightly adventures when we decide to represent them. In the long history of coming to terms with dreams there seem to be two different ways of delineating our forays into the world of the unconscious: One is the attempt of interpreting, of unveiling the hidden meaning of dreams. The other one is not so much concerned with the relation of dream and meaning, of dream and reality, it rather concentrates on trying to find means of representation for this extremely productive force that determines our sleep. The essays collected in this book explore both attempts. They follow debates in philosophy and psychoanalysis and they study literature, theatre, dance, film, and photography.
Editiert von: Barbara Hahn, Meike Werner
Barbara Hahn and Meike Werner, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TNUSA.
Autor: Barbara Hahn
ISBN-13 :: 9783110437515
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Gewicht: 403g
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