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Memoirs of the Rev. Samuel Pearce

The Complete Works of Andrew Fuller
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Clearly modeled on Jonathan Edwards' life of David Brainerd, Andrew Fuller's memoir for his close friend Samuel Pearce was written out of the conviction that telling the stories of the lives of remarkable Christians is a means of grace for the church. This new critical edition of the memoir is based on the 1808 third edition and documents the way that Fuller modified the text after its original printing in 1800. A substantial introduction discusses the evangelical use of biography, sets the memoir in the context of Fuller's literary corpus, and provides an overview of Pearce's life, touching on areas not fully treated by Fuller.
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Michael Haykin, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY, U.S.A.
Autor: Michael Haykin
ISBN-13 :: 9783110414103
ISBN: 3110414104
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