Autor: Kristina Deutsch
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Jean Marot

12, Ars et Scientia
Un graveur d'architecture à l'époque de Louis XIV
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The most important architects of his time entrusted Jean Marot with their designs, and he knew how to give their ethereal ideas lasting tangibility. Which is precisely why Jean Marot's prints, documenting 17th century French architecture, are of immense value to architectural history. And until today, his work has mainly been reduced to the role of a service rendered. Kristina Deutsch's monograph is the first attempt to shift focus to the creative side of his work and sheds light on Marot's sometimes extraordinarily free interpretations of drawings by other artists. Based on his most significant series of prints -and especially his etchings regarding the Louvre - Deutsch makes a detailed presentation of the parameters that characterize the aesthetic presentation of a structure.
Autor: Kristina Deutsch
Kristina Deutsch, University of Münster.
Autor: Kristina Deutsch
ISBN-13 :: 9783110375954
ISBN: 3110375958
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Gewicht: 1541g
Seiten: 567
Sprache: Französisch
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