Key Sociological Thinkers

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Rob Stones
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Undergraduate and postgraduate students of Sociology who are taking modules on Social Theory; Undergraduate students of Politics, Criminology and Social Policy taking modules related to sociological theory; Social science researchers.
Introduction; Rob Stones.- PART I .- 1. Karl Marx; Bob Jessop.- After Marx: Culture and Politics in 20th and 21st Century Marxism: Antonio Gramsci & Ernesto Laclau.- 2. Max Weber; Lawrence Scaff .- 3. Emile Durkheim; Edward Tiryakian.- 4. Georg Simmel; Patrick Watier .- 5. W.E.B. DuBois; Reiland Rabaka.- 6. G.H Mead; Filipe Carreira da Silva.- 7. Talcott Parsons; Robert Holton.- PART II .- 8. Robert K. Merton; Piotr Sztompka.- After Merton: Structural Thinking in the 21st Century: Ulrich Beck.- 9. Norbert Elias; Jason Hughes .- 10. Erving Goffman; Susie Scott.- 11. Harold Garfinkel; John Heritage .- 12. Louis Althusser; Ted Benton .- After Althusser: State Theory: Nicos Poulantzas & Bob Jessop.- 13. Jurgen Habermas; William Outhwaite.- After Habermas: Critical Theory and Recognition: Nancy Fraser & Axel Honneth.- 14. Pierre Bourdieu; Derek Robbins.- After Bourdieu: Adding Morals and Emotions to Habitus: Andrew Sayer.- 15. Michel Foucault; Lawrence Barth.- PART III .- 16. Dorothy Smith; Karin Widerberg.- 17. Stuart Hall; Michèle Barrett.- 18. Nancy Chodorow; Karin Martin.- Before and After Chodorow: Fruitful Dialectics in Feminist Thought: Simone de Beauvoir & Carol Gilligan.- 19. Anthony Giddens; Craig Browne.- After Giddens: Social and System Integration: Nicos Mouzelis.- 20. Michael Mann; Ralph Schroeder.- Before Mann: The Tradition of Historical Sociology: Barrington Moore & Theda Skocpol.- 22. Zygmunt Bauman; Tony Blackshaw.- 16. Arlie Hochschild; Simon Williams.- 23. Bruno Latour; Steve Matthewman.- 24. Jeffrey Alexander; Jason Mast
The third edition of this popular and established core textbook provides an invaluable guide to 24 of the most influential thinkers in Sociology. Written by leading academics in the field, Key Sociological Thinkers provides a clear and contextualised introduction to classical and contemporary theory. Each chapter offers an insightful assessment of a different theorist, exploring their lives, works and legacies, and in a much-valued 'Seeing Things Differently' section authors demonstrate how each thinker's ideas can be used to illuminate aspects of social life in new ways. With frameworks for deep learning around group discussion, this continues be an essential text for undergraduate and postgraduate modules on Sociological and Social Theory.