iOS 5 Programming Pushing the Limits
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iOS 5 Programming Pushing the Limits

Developing Extraordinary Mobile Apps for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
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Rob Napier
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Pushing the Limits

Introduction 1

Part I: What's New 7

Chapter 1 The Brand New Stuff 9

Chapter 2 Getting Comfortable with Xcode 4 15

Part II: Getting the Most Out of Every-Day Tools 35

Chapter 3 Everyday Objective-C 37

Chapter 4 Hold On Loosely: Cocoa Design Patterns 55

Chapter 5 Getting Table Views Right 75

Chapter 6 Better Drawing 107

Chapter 7 Layers Like an Onion: Core Animation 135

Chapter 8 Tackling Those Pesky Errors 159

Part III: The Right Tool for the Job 173

Chapter 9 Controlling Multitasking 175

Chapter 10 REST for the Weary 189

Chapter 11 Batten the Hatches with Security Services 213

Chapter 12 Running on Multiple iPlatforms and iDevices 237

Chapter 13 Internationalization and Localization 251

Chapter 14 Selling Past the Sale with In App Purchases 263

Part IV: Pushing the Limits 279

Chapter 15 Cocoa's Biggest Trick: Key-Value Coding and Observing 281

Chapter 16 Think Diff erent: Blocks and Functional Programming 299

Chapter 17 Going Offline 315

Chapter 18 Fancy Text Layout 335

Chapter 19 Building a (Core) Foundation 355

Chapter 20 Deep Objective-C 371

Index 389
Open the door to endless new app development possibilities

Pushing the Limits with iOS 5 Programming is an expert guide for developers aiming to create unique applications for Apple's iPad 2, iPhone, and the iPod Touch, which includes the latest version of the Apple iPhone SDK, iOS 5. This text goes beyond the basics to keep you ahead of the technology curve and spark your innovative nature to create seamless, functional, and fun apps. With a focus on advanced techniques for app development, you will learn to differentiate your apps from all the rest.

With this must-have book, you'll explore advanced coverage of a variety of development topics, such as developing with deep Objective-C, while you learn to create amazing applications for Apple's iPad 2, iPhone, and iPod touch. Veteran mobile developers and authors guide you through maximizing your programs as they delve into topics not commonly found elsewhere.
* Provides a solid foundation in the patterns of iOS
* Shares tips for running on multiple platforms and best using security services
* Discusses topics such as controlling multitasking, advanced text layout and more
* Demonstrates how to think differently with blocks and functional programming
* Teaches table view, performance, and money-making optimization
* Eliminates common challenges with memory management and iOS information flow

Pushing the Limits with iOS 5 Programming allows you to take on the future with confidence in your new, stand-out app design skills.