Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram For Seniors For Dummies

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Marsha Collier
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For Dummies

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started with Social Networking 9

Chapter 1: Getting Equipped for the Internet 11

Chapter 2: Connecting to the Internet 25

Chapter 3: So Much About Email (and Safety) 41

Chapter 4: Speaking the Social Networking Language 59

Chapter 5: Sharing in the 21st Century: Acronyms, Posts, Photos, and Videos 73

Part 2: Putting Your Face onto Facebook 93

Chapter 6: Signing Up and Prepping Your Facebook Profile 95

Chapter 7: Preparing to Share Info 113

Chapter 8: Connecting with Friends and Family 135

Chapter 9: Adding Photos and Videos to Facebook 155

Chapter 10: Exploring the Extras: Groups, Events, Watch, and Games 173

Part 3: And Now, It's Twitter Time 189

Chapter 11: A Beginner's Guide to Twitter 191

Chapter 12: Conversing on Twitter with Friends, Family, and Even Strangers 217

Chapter 13: Gathering Tools of the Twitter Trade 235

Part 4: Instagramming with the Pros (Your Kids) 263

Chapter 14: Where Only Visuals Will Do Instagram 265

Chapter 15: Posting and Perfecting Your Pictures 283

Chapter 16: Socializing and Fine Tuning Your Instagram 301

Index 313
Enjoy the top social media sites with ease and security
Done correctly, social media is a way to connect friends, family, and the world while still maintaining security and privacy. Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram For Seniors For Dummies, 3rd Edition offers advice on how to enjoy the three most popular social media options while avoiding worry about who sees what you share.

Written by social media expert Marsha Collier, this book walks you through establishing accounts, making connections, and sharing content including photos and video. You learn the settings to adjust on each platform to maintain privacy and filter out the content you don't want. This book also explains the subtle art of avoiding or blocking people on social platforms without jeopardizing your real-world relationships!
* Take control of what you share
* Connect with others
* Take and share your best pictures
* Use social media as a news source

Social media sites are great fun once you learn how to cut through the clutter--and this book shows you how!