Building Your Business From Start to Success
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Lars Tvede
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A step-by-step guide for building or revitalizing a world-class business Whether you have an idea for a business, are running a startup or need to revitalise an existing organisation, Entrepreneur reveals a step-by-step process for building a successful company. Entrepreneurial experts Lars Tvede and Mads Faurholt will show you how to: * Develop the personal characteristics and lifestyle of any great entrepreneur * Find the combination of ideas that makes a project a winner * Attract, build and sustain a world-class team * Grow your company, beat the competition and reap the rewards. Whether your business is established or you're just starting out, Entrepreneur will give you the tools you need to create monumental success. "You can get a lot out of this book if you are deciding to start a business. Mads Faurholt and Lars Tvede takes you through a lot of the thinking and pitfalls entrepreneurs will encounter as they pursue their visions." --Tim Draper, Founder of leading venture capital firm DFJ "Becoming an entrepreneur is a great way to make a difference in the world, and this book shows you how." --Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Founder and CEO of Rasmussen Global, Former Secretary General of NATO and Prime Minister of Denmark "To all the entrepreneurial minds out there: this book is a must read!" --Oliver Samwer, Founder and CEO of Rocket Internet, early investor in Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon and Zalando "This book is an invaluable resource in its rigor, accessibility and comprehensiveness. I plan to have this book readily accessible at all times for myself and highly recommend it to serious entrepreneurs everywhere." --Bill Aulet, Professor and Managing Director of the Center for MIT Entrepreneurship "Entrepreneurs are essential for our world, as they develop new solutions to key problems. This book tells you how to be successful as an entrepreneur." --Taavi Roivas, former Prime Minister of Estonia and youngest Prime Minister in the European Union "A great practical guide by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs on the power of execution, stamina and how to unlock the full potential of your ideas." --Jimmy Maymann, entrepreneur, investor, and former CEO at Huffington Post "There's no right way to be an entrepreneur, but there are ways to increase your odds for success. This book gives you an edge through hard-learned advice from the real world and a practical plan for getting started." - Mikkel Svane, Founder and CEO of Nasdaq listed Zendesk and author of Startupland
Introduction by Peter Warnoe xi

Part 1. About me as an entrepreneur 2

1. My entrepreneurial role 4

2. My personal effectiveness 34

3. My public impact 56

4. My face-to-face impact 86

Part 2. About my company's ideas and funding 110

5. My company's basic ideas 112

6. My strategies for network effects 130

7. Founding and starting my company 138

8. My sources of funding 156

9. My funding processes 194

Part 3. About my team and my corporate culture 240

10. My core team 242

11. My outsourcing and my staff 270

Part 4. About my company's growth,strategies and challenges 302

12. My growth phases 304

13. My marketing mix 330

14. My five biggest commercial threats 348

Part 5. About my exit and what comes after 358

15. My alternative exit routes 360

16. My exit processes 370

17. My next project 382


Appendix A: 116 business strategies for entrepreneurs 390

Appendix B: 46 typical criteria for success in start-up companies 404

Appendix C: List of useful websites, apps and web-extensions for entrepreneurs 410

Glossary 426

Endnotes 438

About the authors 446

Index 447
Entrepreneur beschreibt die grundlegenden Schritte beim Aufbau eines Unternehmens und richtet sich an Neugründer, bestehende Startups, Manager in Unternehmen, die sich neu aufstellen müssen. Sie lernen, wie man erfolgreiche Startup-Ideen entwickelt und in überlebensfähige Geschäftsmodelle überführt, Kapital aufbringt, erstklassige Teams aufbaut, das Unternehmen expandiert, am Markt wettbewerbsfähig agiert, Allianzen eingeht, das Unternehmen gesund erhält und letztlich Gewinn macht.