iPhone For Dummies
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iPhone For Dummies

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Edward C. Baig
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Introduction 1

Part 1: Meet Your iPhone 5

Chapter 1: Unveiling the iPhone 7

Chapter 2: iPhone Basic Training 23

Chapter 3: Synchronicity: Getting Stuff to and from Your iPhone 53

Chapter 4: Understanding the Phone-damentals 73

Part 2: The PDA iPhone 97

Chapter 5: Taking Control of Your iPhone 99

Chapter 6: Texting 1, 2, 3: Messages and Notes 109

Chapter 7: Ten Indispensable Utilities 123

Part 3: The Multimedia iPhone 151

Chapter 8: Get in Tune(s): Audio on Your iPhone 153

Chapter 9: "Smile": Taking Pictures with Your iPhone 171

Chapter 10: Starring in a Blockbuster: Video on Your iPhone 205

Part 4: The Internet iPhone 219

Chapter 11: Going on a Mobile Safari 221

Chapter 12: The Email Must Get Through 241

Chapter 13: Tracking with Maps, Compass, Stocks, Weather, and Files 271

Part 5: The Undiscovered iPhone 289

Chapter 14: Setting You Straight on Settings 291

Chapter 15: Apps-O-Lutely! 325

Chapter 16: When Good iPhones Go Bad 337

Part 6: The Part of Tens 351

Chapter 17: Ten Appetizing Apps 353

Chapter 18: Ten Helpful Hints, Tips, and Shortcuts 365

Index 379
Looking for iPhone essentials? Look no further!
When you carry an iPhone, you carry the power to get things done. Your pocket-sized device can keep you in touch with your friends, connect you to the world, maintain your schedule, access movies and music, and record your life in pictures and video. And that's just scratching the surface of what an iPhone can do!

iPhone For Dummies offers the insight of two longtime Apple experts on how to master iPhone basics then move on to the coolest and most useful apps--and everything in between.
* Get coverage of the latest version of iPhone and iPhone Plus
* Get the lowdown on iOS X's tools and applications
* Load up your iPhone with fun and useful apps
* Fix common problems with ease

If you're new to the iPhone and want to take an approachable beginner's boot camp, you've come to the right place!