You Can Find Meaning, Make A Living, and Change the World
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Craig Kielburger
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23.5 x 16 x 2 cm

Change the world and drive profit with smart, sustainable strategy WEconomy introduces the modern evolution of business: profit for purpose and purpose for profit. Purpose is the business world's biggest advancement since the assembly line, and both top talent and quality consumers are making their preferences known. This book fuses social purpose with for-profit business models to provide clear-cut strategies for implementing the WEconomy model. Purpose is important, but it must be executed effectively throughout marketing, customer experience, B2B relationships, and more; purpose can even open up new markets and drive growth from previously untapped segments--but your social mission needs to be as sustainable as your business plan. This book gives you real, actionable strategies for interweaving purpose and profit for the long haul. From the overall mission to the day-to-day operations, your business impacts the world; make that impact positive, and make it last with key insights and proven strategies. * Learn how purpose and profit are becoming increasingly linked * Explore real-world strategies for boosting productivity and performance * Merge your organization's social mission with its business plan * Leverage positive impact into customer and employee loyalty The markets with the highest spending power are flocking to socially-responsible companies. World-class talent across industries is increasingly dedicated to companies that make a positive social impact. The market has spoken, and it is demanding that businesses take up the reins and stand for something more than just profit--but this movement itself has become a tremendous source of revenue. WEconomy provides smart strategies for implementation to help you clear a path to profit with purpose.