The Principal

Three Keys to Maximizing Impact
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Michael Fullan
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Preface ix
Acknowledgments xi
About the Author xv
CHAPTER ONE: Outmoded 1
Gasp! 6
Leading Learning 8
Maximizing Impact 9
This Watershed Moment 10
The Chapters That Follow 13
Still Worth a Struggle 14
CHAPTER TWO: Vices and Virtues 17
Panic Time? 21
Four Wrong Choices for Driving Policy 22
Too Broad, Too Narrow: The Transformative Versus Instructional Leader 38
Principal Autonomy and Micromanaging:
Other Roadside Attractions 42
Time to Retune 46
CHAPTER THREE: The First Key--Leading Learning 51
What Key Research Tells Us 56
Professional Capital--a Framework for Leading Learning 67
Foster and Integrate 86
The More Powerful Way 88
CHAPTER FOUR: The Second Key--Being a District and System Player 93
Looking Out to Improve Within 98
Intradistrict Development 100
Beyond the District 107
Not You Alone 115
CHAPTER FIVE: The Third Key--Becoming a Change Agent 119
Change Agency 124
Distorted Mirrors 135
CHAPTER SIX: The Future Is Now 141
The Unplanned Digital Revolution 145
Planned Change: Common Core State Standards 154
Time to Change Careers? Or to Change Gears? 157
A Final Word 160
References 161
Index 169
The author of Six Secrets of Change describes how and why the principal's role must change to maximize student achievement*** FREE Professional Development Guide Included *** Principals are often called the second most crucial in-school influencers (after teachers) of student learning. But what should the principal do in order to maximize student achievement? One of the best-known leadership authors in education, Fullan explains why the answer lies neither in micro-managing instruction nor in autonomous entrepreneurialism. He shows systematically how the principal's role should change, demonstrating how it can be done in short order, at scale.
* Reveals the three key roles that administrators must play in today's schools
* Explains how to choose the right versus wrong drivers of school success
* Filled with "action items" to help implement Fullan's program effectively
* Includes strategies that have been successfully field-tested in schools across the United States and Canada