On Top of the Cloud
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On Top of the Cloud

How CIOs Leverage New Technologies to Drive Change and Build Value Across the Enterprise
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Hunter Muller
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Wiley CIO

Foreword xiPreface xv
Acknowledgments xxiii
Introduction xxv
A New Business Model xxvii
''Thoughtfully Progressive'' xxviii
Part I: Transformational Leadership 1
Chapter 1 The Rising Tide 3
The CIO as Rock Star 6
Real Stories from Real IT Leaders 7
Learning from Listening 8
More Than Technology 9
The Real Challenge Is Organizational 9
Leadership Is Essential 12
Chapter 2 IT Does Matter 17
Stay Focused on Delivering Value 20
Replacing the Perpetual Pendulum 22
Driving the Innovation Agenda 24
It's All a Question of Perspective 28
Chapter 3 The Engine of Innovation 31
Bringing Innovation to the Surface 36
Incentivizing Innovation 39
Chapter 4 Finding the Right Balance 45
Winds of Change 49
The Third Bucket 51
The Closer 53
Outside versus Inside 55
Articulating the Value of Technology 57
Chapter 5 The Customer-Focused CIO 61
Top Line or Bottom Line? 65
Driving Business Growth 66
The Rapid Enabler 68
Own, Rent, or Both? 72
Multiple Models 75
Also Consider the User Experience 76
Chapter 6 To Cloud or Not to Cloud 79
Fail Fast, Fail Cheap 83
A Skunk Works in the Cloud 85
Weaving the Seamless Tapestry 87
Part II: Driving Change 91
Chapter 7 In Front of the Firewall 93
Avon Calling 100
When the Model Fits 103
Chapter 8 The New Speed of Change 107
Updating the Mental Model 115
Innovation under Pressure 119
The Cloud on Wheels 121
Campaigning in the Cloud 122
Part III: Building Value 127
Chapter 9 Pushing the Envelope 129
Two Sides of the Same Coin 138
A Multiplicity of Clouds 142
Turn of the Tide 146
Translating ''Speeds and Feeds'' into Cash Flow 152
Chapter 10 Entering the Cloud 155
Governance Is Fundamental to Success 161
Due Diligence 163
Taking ''No'' Off the Table 173
Afterword 179
Meet Our Sources 189
Recommended Reading 221
About the Author 225
About HMG Strategy LLC 227
Index 229
On Top of the Cloud provides an actionable framework for developing and executing a profitable cloud strategy. The book focuses on nine specific critical areas where success is imperative: (1) Software as a Service (SaaS); (2) Platform as a Service (PaaS); (3) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); (4) People (Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Elevating); (5) Process Evolution; (6) Change Management; (7) Governance; (8) Security, (9) Strategic Sourcing. Each of the objectives is thoroughly explained in simple, straightforward language, accompanied by original graphics, charts and illustrations. All of the chapters are fleshed out with real-world stories and revealing anecdotes gathered from the author's exclusive interviews with dozens of colleagues, thought leaders and IT experts from major competitive organizations in markets all over the world.