The Psychology of Risk
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The Psychology of Risk

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Glynis M. Breakwell
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This second edition explores the psychology of risk, examining how individuals think, feel and act. The questions addressed include: why do companies fail to protect against obvious hazards? What biases in risk estimation are common? How should we communicate levels of risk effectively? How should we reduce risky behaviour?
1. A social psychological framework for analysing risk; 2. Hazard perception; 3. Individual and group differences in risk perception; 4. Decision-making about risks; 5. Risk and emotion; 6. Risk communication; 7. Errors and accidents, emergencies and disasters; 8. Risk management: risk in complex systems; 9. Social amplification, social representations and identity processes; 10. Changing risk reactions: lessons from the psychology of risk.
Since the first edition of The Psychology of Risk there have been enormous macro-economic and socio-political changes globally - the chaos in the world banking system and the financial crisis and recessions that it presaged; the Arab Spring and the revolutionary shifts in power in the Middle East with rippled consequences around the world; the development of ever-more sophisticated cyber-terrorism that can strike the private individual or the nation state with equal ease. Amidst these changes in the face of hazard, do the psychological models built to explain human reactions to risk still apply? Has the research over the last few years resulted in an improvement in our understanding of how people perceive and act in relation to risk? In this second edition Professor Dame Breakwell uses illustrations and current examples to address these questions and provide a totally up-to-the minute review of what is known about the psychology of risk.