Autor: Brian Gardner
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Global Food Futures

Feeding the World in 2050
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Global Food Futures presents a highly accessible account of the global food situation up to 2050, tackling the widespread assumption that world agriculture will fail to feed a projected population of 9 billion.
Introduction Famine or Plenty? World Agricultural Trade Speculation and Food Prices The Pattern of Food Consumption Population Growth and the Demand for Food The Production Response Energy Supply and Food Production Climate Change and Food Supply World Economy and the Demand for Food The Increasing Demand for Food Access to Food Sustainability of World Food Production Conclusion - Apocalypse When? Bibliography Index
This groundbreaking new book is the first to tackle all political, structural, environmental and technical aspects of food supply and production. A highly accessible account of the global food situation up to 2050.
Autor: Brian Gardner
Brian Gardner has been analyzing, writing about and commenting on European and international agriculture and food policy developments for more than thirty years. Notable publications include European Agriculture: Policies, Production and Trade, Growing Pains: New Europe and the CAP in The Perfect Union? New Europe and the EU (edited by Roger Gough) and A Guide to the Reformed CAP.
Autor: Brian Gardner
ISBN-13 :: 9780857851550
ISBN: 0857851551
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Gewicht: 507g
Seiten: 242
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