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Food Media

Celebrity Chefs and the Politics of Everyday Interference
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Exploring the rise of the celebrity chef and covering key figures such as Jamie Oliver and Rachael Ray as well as popular concepts like foodies, food porn and fetishism, Food Media highlights how the intersections between celebrity culture and food media influence everyday food choices.
Preface Introduction: Do You Remember when Chefs just Cooked? Part I: Food Media - A Fantasy Industry 1. The New Study of Food Chef Mario Batali, on the Subject of Cooking Enter the Foodie Television: The Magic Screen To Your Health Let Me Entertain You 2. Foodie Books and Fantasies Communication: 'The object thus made common' A Life Less Ordinary (David, Fisher, Liebling) Drooling Over History A Life More Ordinary (Food Literature) Ignorance as Commodity Part II: The Rise and Rise of Food Television 3. The Celebrity (Professional) Chef: Jamie Oliver The Naked Chef @jamie_oliver Jamie's Kitchen The Jamie Effect, or The Practice of Everyday Interference 4. The Celebrity (Amateur) Chef: Rachael Ray Multi-Millionaire Girl-Next-Door The Yum-O Revolution Food Porn Disordered Eating 5. Fetishism and the Imagination: Heston Blumenthal and Nigella Lawson Everyday Mythology In Search of Perfection Fetishism: 'The definitive mistake of the pre-enlightened mind' The Domestic Goddess Part III: How Not to Think About What to Eat 6. Nutritionism, Bad Science and Spectacles of Disordered Eating Morbid Fascinations You Are What You Eat Supersize vs. Superskinny Super Skinny Me 7. Obesity: Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway? Fat Stories The Obesity Police Fat Taxes Evidence: What of? Public Good Bibliography Index
There have been famous chefs for centuries. But it was not until the second half of the twentieth century that the modern celebrity chef business really began to flourish, thanks largely to media advances like television which allowed ever greater numbers of people to tune in.Food Media charts the growth of this enormous entertainment industry, and also how, under the threat of the obesity ¿epidemic¿, some of its stars have taken on new authority as social activists, while others continue to provide delicious distractions from a world of potentially unsafe food. The narrative that joins these chapters moves from private to public consumption, and from celebrating food fantasies to fuelling anxieties about food realities, with the questionable role of interference in people¿s everyday food choices gaining ground along the way.Covering celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and Rachael Ray, and popular trends like foodies, food porn and fetishism, Food Media describes how the intersections between celebrity culture and food media have come to influence how many people think about feeding themselves and their families ¿ and how often that task is complicated when it need not be.
Autor: Signe Rousseau
Signe Rousseau teaches critical literacy at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She is a contributing author to The Business of Food: Encyclopaedia of the Food and Drink Industry; Food Cultures of the World; Icons of American Cooking; The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America, and A Cultural History of Food, Volume 6: The Modern Age (Berg, 2011)
Autor: Signe Rousseau
ISBN-13 :: 9780857850539
ISBN: 0857850539
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