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Silk Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

74, Woodhead Publishing Series in Biomaterials Woodhead Publishing
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Part 1 Fundamentals and properties of silk for biomedical applications: The history and origin of silk; Processing of Bombyx mori silk for biomedical applications; Silk nanostructures based on natural and self engineered assembly; Biochemical and biophysical properties of native Bombyx mori silk for tissue engineering applications; Structure and properties of Spider and silkworm silk for tissue scaffolds; Bio-response to silk sericin; Biodegradation of silk. Part 2 Silk for biomaterials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications: Silk based biomaterials in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine; Non-mulberry Silk biomaterials in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine; Silk powder for regenerative medicine; Silk scaffolds for 3D tumour modelling; Silk hydrogels for tissue engineering and dual drug delivery; Silk biomaterials for Intervertebral disc tissue engineering; Silk scaffolds for dental tissue engineering; Silk for cardiac tissue engineering; Silk for dermal tissue engineering; Capillary growth in porous silk films; Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical Applications of Silk.
Silk has been used for centuries in medicine as sutures. The unique mechanical and chemical properties of this material and the ability to genetically tailor the protein has meant that this material is now being used increasingly for biomaterials and tissue engineering applications. This book discusses the properties and applications of silk for medical purposes. The first set of chapters discuss the fundamentals and properties of silk for biomedical applications. A second group of chapters look at a wide range of medical applications including tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, drug delivery and pharmaceutical applications.
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