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Target Sites of Herbicide Action

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Biochemistry and Genetic Control of the Photosys-tem-II Herbicide Target Site. Inhibition of Carotenoid Biosynthesis by Herbicides. Herbicide-Induced Radical Damage and Antioxida-tive Systems. Fatty Acid Biosynthesis - A Target Site of Herbicide Action. Herbicide Interference with Cell Division in Plants. Herbi-cides as Inhibitors of Amino Acid Biosynthesis. Gibberellins: Metabolic Pathways and Inhibitors of Biosynthesis. Producing Her-bicide-Resistant Plants by Gene Transfer Technology. Modern As-pects of Enzyme Inhibition with Particular Emphasis on Reaction-In-termediate Analogs and Other Potent, Reversible Inhibitors. New Plant-Specific Targets for Future Herbicides. Index.
This publication is based on the plant processes and reaction sites for which reliable knowledge on both their physiology and biochem-istry and the mode of herbicidal action is available. Targets of the agrochemical research, such as enzymes of biosynthetic pathways or herbicide-binding peptides in the photosynthetic membrane, are highlighted. Detailed knowledge about the target sites will allow bio-chemical model systems to evaluate the biological activity of newly synthesized compounds before their conventional screening in the greenhouse. Quantitative structure/activity relationships should be performed more reliably with simple biological species or enzymol-ogy assays, to aid in the rational design of pesticides. This text is highly valuable for plant physiologists, pathologists, and chemists in the agrochemical industry and universities.
Autor: Peter Boger
ISBN-13 :: 9780849349850
ISBN: 0849349850
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Gewicht: 744g
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