Autor: Theodore F. Sheckels
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The Island Motif in the Fiction of L. M. Montgomery, Margaret Laurence, Margaret Atwood, and Other Canadian Women Novelists

68, Studies on Themes and Motifs in Literature
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Islands, both literal and figurative, recur in fiction authored by many prominent Canadian women writers. Using a critical lens based on Northrop Frye and Julia Kristeva, this book closely examines fourteen novels by eight twentieth-century authors, emphasizing works by L. M. Montgomery, Margaret Laurence, and Margaret Atwood. Several of the novels, such as Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables, Laurence's A Jest of God and The Diviners, Atwood's Surfacing and Bodily Harm, Alice Munro's The Lives of Girls and Women, and Gabrielle Roy's The Tin Flute, are among Canada's most well-known. Some of the works discussed present the island as a redemptive retreat, but in most cases the island's role is ambiguous, ranging from a temporary respite from life's pressures to a nightmarish trap.
Autor: Theodore F. Sheckels
The Author: Theodore F. Sheckels is Professor of English and Communication at Randolph-Macon College. He holds a Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University. He is the author of Debating: Applied Rhetorical Theory; The Lion on the Freeway: A Thematic Introduction to Contemporary South African Literature in English (Peter Lang, 1996); When Congress Debates: A Bakhtinian Paradigm; and Celluloid Heroes Down Under: Australian Cinema, 1970-2000, as well as articles in literature and communication journals.
Autor: Theodore F. Sheckels
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