Autor: Janne Mäkelä
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John Lennon Imagined

Cultural History of a Rock Star
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Considered one of the most innovative artists in the history of popular music, John Lennon is also a fascinating example of the relationship between rock music and celebrity. Through investigation of the cultural and historical background of his stardom in England and the United States, this book explores why John Lennon became a much-debated celebrity and why he remains so. Lennon's career from the 1960s until his tragic death in 1980, and even beyond, demonstrates how different expectations articulated by the star, the music industry, the media, and the fans form relations which change in terms of time and place. Using a multidisciplinary approach and intriguing case studies, this book also examines cultural identity, authenticity, and gender in popular music stardom.
Autor: Janne Mäkelä
The Author: Janne Mäkelä is Research Fellow at the Department of Cultural History, University of Turku, Finland. He has published numerous articles on popular music and culture in professional journals.
Autor: Janne Mäkelä
ISBN-13 :: 9780820467887
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