Autor: Mpyana Fulgence Nyengele
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African Women's Theology, Gender Relations, and Family Systems Theory

229, American University Studies Series 7: Theology and Religion
Pastoral Theological Considerations and Guidelines for Care and Counseling
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Autor: Mpyana Fulgence Nyengele
The Author: Mpyana Fulgence Nyengele is Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling in the William A. Chryst Chair of Pastoral Theology at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio, Delaware, Ohio. He holds an M.Div., an M.A. in theological studies, and a Ph.D. in theology and personality with an emphasis in pastoral care and counseling from the Claremont School of Theology in California. A native of the Democratic Republic of Congo, he is an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church.
Autor: Mpyana Fulgence Nyengele
ISBN-13 :: 9780820467771
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Gewicht: 546g
Seiten: 272
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