Autor: John Hendrix
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Architectural Forms and Philosophical Structures

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Architectural Forms and Philosophical Structures examines architectural and architectonic forms as products of philosophical and epistemological structures in selected cultures and time periods, and analyzes architecture as a text of its culture. Relations between architectural forms and philosophical structures are explored in Western civilization, beginning in Egypt and Greece and culminating in twentieth-century Europe and America. Architecture, like all forms of artistic expression, is interwoven with the beliefs and the structures of knowledge of its culture.
Autor: John Hendrix
The Author: John Hendrix is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Art and Architectural History at Roger Williams University, Rhode Island. He earned his Ph.D. in architecture at Cornell University, New York. Hendrix is the author of History and Culture in Italy and The Relation Between Architectural Forms and Philosophical Structures in the Work of Francesco Borromini in Seventeenth-Century Rome. He is also the co-editor of Neoplatonism and the Arts.
Autor: John Hendrix
ISBN-13 :: 9780820467269
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