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Topics in Operator Semigroups

Progress in Mathematics
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Concerned with the interplay between the theory of operator semigroups and spectral theory
General Theory.- Basic Theory.- The Semi-Simplicity Space for Groups.- Analyticity.- The Semigroup as a Function of its Generator.- Large Parameter.- Boundary Values.- Pre-Semigroups.- Integral Representations.- The Semi-Simplicity Space.- The Laplace#x2013;Stieltjes Space.- Families of Unbounded Symmetric Operators.- A Taste of Applications.- Analytic Families of Evolution Systems.- Similarity.
This monograph is concerned with the interplay between the theory of operator semigroups and spectral theory. The basics on operator semigroups are concisely covered in this self-contained text. Part I deals with the Hille--Yosida and Lumer--Phillips characterizations of semigroup generators, the Trotter--Kato approximation theorem, Kato's unified treatment of the exponential formula and the Trotter product formula, the Hille--Phillips perturbation theorem, and Stone's representation of unitary semigroups. Part II explores generalizations of spectral theory's connection to operator semigroups.
Autor: Shmuel Kantorovitz
ISBN-13 :: 9780817649319
ISBN: 081764931X
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Gewicht: 548g
Seiten: 266
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