Autor: E. von Collani
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Binomial Distribution Handbook for Scientists and Engineers

 Book w. online files/update,Inkl. CD-ROM.
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A new professional statistical reference work for practitioners, researchers, and graduates in applied statistics and data analysis.
Part I. Introduction
Models Related to the Probability of an Event
Traditional Estimation Procedures
Part II. Theory
Measurement and Prediction Procedures
Complete Measurement Procedures
Exclusion Procedures
Comparison Procedures
Part III. Introduction to the Tables
Measurement Intervals
Prediction Regions
Part IV. Application
Measuring a Probability
Excluding a Probability
Comparing Probabilities
Part V. Tables
This book deals with estimating and testing the probability of an event. It aims at providing practitioners with refined and easy to use techniques as well as initiating a new field of research in theoretical statistics. Practical, comprehensive tables for data analysis of the experimental state of investigations are included. Statisticians and practitioners will find this book an essential reference.
Autor: E. von Collani
ISBN-13 :: 9780817641290
ISBN: 0817641297
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Gewicht: 691g
Seiten: 357
Sprache: Englisch
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